Duel Decks at CHOC

Jack & I picked up the Jace vs Vraska Duel Deck on the way to his infusion at CHOC. 

Infusion is another way to say Chemo which freaks people out so we try to be mellow about it...unless it is Jace vs Vraska and then the entire Multiverse will hear our battle!

First a little documentation on picking up the decks...Brian was not able to find them at the local Target....the are near the cash registers in the front...on the bottom...there are a lot of them...

and very few are this fuzzy...

The battle ground at the Children's Hospital is perfect! 

And Jack was clearly ready to get his game on!

we had a great set of nurses today & the playing  surface was perfect!

The first game I got out my Vraska, but I could not get anything else going--I got mana flooded and Jack owned me. He had a lot of removal.

The second game was better, but he scooped in the end because I was able to get some card advantage rolling & kept some creature on the table. He also got his Jace out, but I removed it immediately.

After the second game, Jack passed out.