"Mother, do you think they will drop the bomb"

This is a 12, which is not that great, but it is magically hanging over the edge of the tile--welcome to another Week at the Bake

Brett is now rebuilding Bronco's, which means he has a lot of cool cars at his house.

James got a lot of mini's out before pizza was even ordered, so we knew it was going to be one of those nights.

Brett has his tier three dice out--in a basic reggae color.

DM James was in fine form--the story is really getting odd as we explore the kingdom of Ancient Giants in Eberron. The giants were obsessed with immortality and conducted all sorts of weird experiments--eternal children, who are very creepy, etc.

David is our resident rules master and he was ready to roll.

This weeks encounter was designed to nerf Cameron's Fiddenmar whose Fey Taco has become our groups signature move--locking enemies down so that we can pick them off one by one.

Andrew's Bemin continues to dominate in the Defender roll. This week I think he almost went down a few times while battling a raging Ur War Forged.

Brett's Vassa is still dropping over 100 points of damage per round.

I am using an Express bag for my dice--I found this outside of a Starbucks with Rowan a long long time ago.

The map was a long hall way encounter in which no one really moved around all that much.

My new Shardmind is a monk and critted early this week--I had not done much char op so it did not do all that much damage, but it was fun.