New Quarter--No Quarter!

Another fun morning of Magic with Tuesday!

It is the start of the Spring Quarter for the Team so they were lazy--Andrew & Alexander slept in and missed it.

Jack however was up and playing new decks for the first time in a while.

Preston was on time with his deck

And Dylan continues to dominate with his Slivers.

I had a fun game with Liam--he Pacified my Vorel of the Hull Clade, but I was still able to tap him to double the tokens on Myscutter Hydra.

The look when I swing for 16!

Cassidy & Evan were in the house. Evan is a very fun player.

Jack and Cassidy went 2-1 in a very good match.

 I rolled double ones multiple times today:

It actually started to get absurd.

Tuesday blamed the dice, but I realized I was just having that kind of day.