Post Encounters Two Headed Giant

So the Star City Games Open is coming to LA. Jack wants to play his black standard deck, which has been running awesome for him lately.
Brian and I are planning to play some two headed giant:

Two-Headed Giant Sealed
Saturday - 3PM
Entry: $30/team
Registration: 2PM - 2:50PM
Current Sealed format Two-Headed Giant.
 8 packs per team - two 40-card minimum decks.
 Four rounds of Swiss.
4-0: 8 Booster Packs per Team
3-0-1: 6 Booster Packs per Team
3-1: 4 Booster Packs per Team
2 wins: 2 Booster Packs per Team
so we got in a test game after encounters this week.
Our first question was around deck construction--Jack argues that a team can only have four of any given card--in other words you cannot run Eight Swan Songs--only four total for the team. One player can have all four or you can split them, but you cannot have four in teammate one's library and four in teammate two's library. Red Mage at the shop disagreed & I am not sure where the Star City Games
Please note my ultra awesome Jace mat which will inspire fear in the competition.
Jack played with Scott. 
Brian and I scooped the first game--I was mana screwed. The second game went better but still we lost.
Jack had a lot of removal & I just could not get anything going.
Please note the fantastic mat again.