Scourge of the Sword Coast--D&D Encounters S17 S6

Another fun night of D&D Encounters at Mercenary Market in Costa Mesa.

Jack has a job taking out the trash at his Grandma's house. The key is to have the cans properly spaced so that she does not receive a note and, at the same time, not block Les's mailbox on the left or the driveway on the right. 

Waiting for feedback on this setup.

We hit Chipotle & got to the store with plenty of time to set up--but Brian was needed to DM!

Good Lord!

Jack has a Dwarf Fighter.

Richard was sitting pole position playing a Drow Rogue.

Thor was playing a Wood Elf Fighter Ranger.

Jeff had a High Elf Mage.

Brandon had a cleric that he built during the game.

I was using my white dice.

Brian bought a giant mat for use in the game.

I had the old character sheet, for Don Buri which I plan to rewrite this week and share my amazing D&DNext Ninja build.

The fight this night was an amazing battle--I think DM Brian had set us up for a TPK.

But luckily we brought a lot of Sunkist and were able to win the day.

DM Brian was shocked.