Skull & Shackles Session 10

Another fun Sunday of Pathfinder at Scott's House playing Skull & Shackles.
We had Pizza brought in. I think it was from Domino's & it did not suck.
DM Scott was once again in amazing form--he was running people around for a wedding all day so this session was a little short--plus I had stuff all day--but we still got a major milestone of the Adventure Path completed & got along well as a party.


Bree & David were on the wall side--Bree is playing a cleric & David is our Captain and a Gunslinger.
Chase's Sorcerer had a fantastic moment today when he was in safely inside a pill box look out station blasting enemies with electricity.
Here is a close up on Chase's amazing Big Gulp container.
I still need to get our mini's painted.
The table was again totally awesome--with an amazing poster map down most of the session.