Journey Into Nyx Prerelease at Dice House

The day began with a very agressive Skylanders vs. Halo battle on the kitchen table.

Halo won.

Then we headed to the Dice House. Brian drove Jack, Alex, Alexander, and 

I drove Preston, Matt, Derek, Cassidy, and Liam.

We paid and got started.

Dice House is the best shop in Orange County and there was a lot of time spent shopping.

12:00 Saturday Pre Release was not that crowded.

Jack was celebrating his birthday--he had not prepared for the prerealease but he was ready to have fun.

Alex Sanz was at his second event ever.

And drew the God Pack--all the Gods in Theros. He did not even know what it was.

The boys did a great job building out there decks. Fast and efficient--I really think that they knew what they were doing.

The games were great.

Everyone had a fantastic time.

After we came home for Pizza and Cake. Then went to the pool for a few hours. It was a great Saturday.