Scourge of the Sword Coast--D&D Encounters S17 S9

Things got off to a rough start this week when we got the following news:
Hello everyone, it saddens me to bring you this news, but unfortunately Mercenary Market is closing. We made a good run of it and made a wonderful community but were unable to keep the doors open. To that end, everything in the store will be at 30% off until the doors close. We will probably be open for another 2-3 more weeks, so come in and say hi one last time!

And before the body was even cold--people were giving us tips on other shops to go to!

DM Brian has still not read the module, so we spent most of this week exploring the fallen Dwarven kingdom overrun with Duergar.

Scott was on fire--he picked up the Pathfinder book for 30% off and bought some magic packs. His Monk Wizard is a force to be reckoned with at level four.

Richard was on fire this week with discussions of Crevasse's vs Crevice and some great nerd references--he even spent a lot of time taunting DM Brian on his bound of D6's

Jack had a lot of space and spent a lot of time gaming.

The other table once again had a great crew.

I am very much enjoying my dice.
and the space at Mercenary Market is amazing.

Our tables mini's look great & it is fantastic that Brian found his play mat.

I think Jack is the only person who got a crit  this week...

what may be our last crit at MM. A great OC Shop that will be missed.