Blood Portal Beat Down [Dead in Thay--D&D Encounters S18 S2]

Another great week of D&D Encounters at Comic Quest in Lake Forrest!

We start out with some Magic & reviews of the recent Public Play announcement.

And then Roll for Initiative!

DM Alan is not kidding around

Brian is-which comes as no shock to anyone.

Victoria, who I now call Bictoria brought her friend Jordan--who evidently will be joining us next week--table continues to grow...

Chris was a little late, but was on fire again this week!

Scott is the man! His paladin saved the day...of course, he continues to crush me in chess, which is not good. At all.

Jack, though not a fan of D&DNext is having a blast at the table casting fireball--see what I did there. Of course, this week he ran out of fireballs which reduced his fun...luckily he got an NPC who could ran death from above.

Camera work was solid.

Funny youtube video & skittles.

The shop does have fairly great snacks--well priced & plentiful.

Things started poorly for our heros--we were very much out classed.

and as things went on they did not get much better--we really need to learn to work as a team!

We did do a fairly good Role Playing job--and rescued everyone from the Acolytes or Apprentices to the Lich Wizard of Thay--I am not sure if they were Acolytes or Apprentices--I mean they had A's on their shirts, but I do not know if I really know the difference...

Our NPC back up saved the day!

But it was a long tough fight.

these home made stand up mini are working very well.

No crits this week, but a lot of fun.