Dead in Thay--D&D Encounters S18 S12

Another Wednesday of D&D Encounters at Comic Quest. The Dead in Thay season is already over, but we are a few weeks behind and still finishing up.

It started fantastic with a note on Brian's car at Pei Wei

I did not think his parking was that bad--he was over the first line, but not the second.

Brian got Jack some killer Garruck Sleeves from San Diego Comic Con--they match his mat:

I picked up a Intro Pack so I could start building my Black White deck--there were also a lot of free comics at the shop this week including some amazing Steven King book--the art is amazing, not sure about the story...

John has been painting Thomas' minis--this one came out really good

Victoria is using this cat ring as her mini

We had two tables --a six and a seven--and two DM's

The other table was rather subdued and rolling fairly quickly through stuff.

Victoria was back at DM Scott's table playing an Elf Ranger

Brian is playing a druid

Nathan was playing two characters--a rouge fighter & a a mage--he was basically the entire party!

John had his paladin, which at level 8 is just awesome.

DM Scott was ready to run

I had plenty of space, again.

I drew this great picture of the Shrine we found in the Pits of Extraction--there was a chosen of some Orc God floating between two pillars

We had a great looking party

We fought some zombies, a red wizard, a dread warrior, and a death-lock knight--not sure about some of these creature names, but they all felt old school & awesome.

We had a few crits

I think we have about two more weeks before we start the next season, but I need to spend some time this week getting organized.