Dead in Thay (Tome 237)

Here is the show description:
In this episode, Jeff and Tracy are joined by Sam Dillon, Eric Paquette, and James Introcaso to discuss the sequel to Scourge of the Sword Coast: Dreams of the Red Wizards - Dead in Thay.
This was one of the episodes we skipped releasing so that we could bring you the Mike Mearls, Wolfgang Baur, and Steve Winter interviews in a timely manner.
This is another very good episode--Sam & Eric bring a ton of information and issues to the table and really provide some great insight. James is currently one of my favorite D&D Commentators--a real fresh enthusiastic approach--very fun.

A lot of the issues that they raise, though valid, seem to miss some of the fun that this adventure is providing for D&D Encounters. Encounters has tried to do Dungeon Crawls a few times, but this one really is the best I have ever seen. Every week the tables are getting more and more crowded through the season--which I have never seen happen before [generally, attendance goes down during the season & spikes at the beginning of the next season]. 

Also, I think I got a lot out of this episode because they were reveiwing a product that I actually had some experience with--historically, Tome Show has reviewed stuff months before I see them, but lately they have been reviewing books and adventures that I have had my hands on which allows me to get a lot more out of the reviews. 

Really like the direction this is going--unfortunately, Tracy's contribution is weak here again...as a cohost she seems to bring more confusion and awkward moments to the conversation than most of the guests....I am not really sure where she is coming from these days--it is like she has stopped playing D&D all together and is just offering social commentary...maybe time for a new cohost who is spending more time at the table.