M15 Game Day

Team Tuesday went to Magic and Monsters and  for M15 Game Day.  Team Milne was there--we had 11 people total. We split into two pods and drafted.

First round I played Lucas from the Milne Team--he had a good deck, but my Mono Blue was just to fast for him.

 My second match was the big event against Cameron--a rematch from last time.

My removal hurt him a lot & he could not draw anything to get out of a stalled bored state.

I was able to move past him as well..

Final round was against Jack and mostly just a friendly...he still has the best Mat & Deck combo:

Jack had a very fast deck that when it went off there was nothing I could do about it, but he struggled with my removal & blockers--he did not have that many tricks.

It was a great time.