DM Summit II--D&D Encounters Hoard of the Dragon Queen @ Urban Plates

Nathan & I meet at Urban Plates this week to discuss this weeks D&D Encounters at Comic Quest.

The guy who worked the counter brought Heidi the Dog a glass of water

I also got some water--it was a very hot day in Southern California; but, the Urban Plates patio had a nice cross breeze. 

It was a nice environment to discuss D&D Encounters Week Four.

I got a cheap pizza that was a nice snack.

Nathan went big with some serious food porn--I think that there was a cookie somewhere in there as well!

Here are my notes

Recap of Last Week
1. DM David ran the Sally Port & the Last Dragon Breath--party had no problem
2. DM Nathan ran the Tunnel & Ambush--party struggled.

Rules Review
1. Difficult Terrain
2. Healing
3. Death Saves

Guilds Update
1. Not really using the Guilds yet.

Plans for this week
1. Continue being awesome.