Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S3

Another Fantastic week of D&D Encounters at Comic Quest.

DM Nathan had a full table full of superstar players on the end table by the window.

DM Brian was on the inside table--also with some great players

Some of whom possed for extreme close-ups

The had a fantastic time developing a great river bank map

My table was Jack who is playing Sin Bad the Tiefling Fighter, John [Alyssa the Halfing Cleric], and Ben [ Greymalken the Half-Orc Cleric]

John is playing a human paladin named Lantos. 

Jessica is playing Ranitae the Halfling Sorcerer. And Leo is playing Dexter the Drow Fighter.

Lots of healers and fighters at our table made for a great Encounter.

I had plenty of space to spread out.

The Heros spent most of the night battling in the Keep. Please note the Ape figure which is actually Sin Bad's Camel. 

This is the preparation for the Camel Charge Battlement Dismount Attack on the Kobolds. One of Jack's great moments.

No Crits or Fumbles this week which is too bad since I will be using the Pathfinder Crit & Fumble iPhone Apps this season.