Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S4

Another week of exciting D&D Encounters at Comic Quest. But First, we have to put out Grandma's Trash Cans--note the spacing...PERFECTION!

The Street had been repaved & the man hole covers carved out which made for an awesome drive.

We had dinner at Pei Wei--there were some exciting pre-game fortune cookies.

Jack & I are finally dialing in how to order here & the addition of these green beans was solid.

We have a very solid set of players this season & three solid table running at top volume--the Magic kids are still taking up half the shop, but we seem to have reached an easy peace with them.

Plus we got to film Level Two Judge Eric in Action this week

Jack is having a good time playing some wacky Sin Bad Tiefling Fighter

Leo and John are totally into it.

Brian's table is loud & having a blast

DM Nathan had a very interesting table as well

And used some very innovative mini's

I had plenty of room for my DM Stuff

The adventure ran smoothly--the players are very beat up & I was a bit behind the other tables so this week was a bit of  rushed session--but I am setting up for some surprises next session.

I am using the Pathfinder Crit iPhone app which is a ton of phun--we had some great crits & a few epic fumbles--I hope D&D Next comes out with some supplemental critical & fumble tables soon.

I have no idea what the this is supposed to be--a burnt weenie car antenna topper or something?