Kahns of Tarkir @ Comic Quest

Jack and I went to Friday Night Magic @ Comic Quest

We got there a bit early and hung out--lots of Long Beach Comic Con talk--Geoff Johns gave a insider talk that the comic kids got invited to & they were STOKED.

There were also a suprising number of people who had never drafted at Comic Quest--some had not played in a while & were getting back into it with the new set, some had recently moved to the area, and some were just checking it out.

The lack of Local Grinders made for a very fun draft!

There were about 24 people there last night

Some arrived later so Level Two Judge Eric had to set up a fourth late start Pod--he handled it like a Pro!

I drafted clueless crap--not really sure what I am doing with this set...basically, I played a Black White mid-range deck with no bombs.

Drew on time against Mike--he was having much more fun than I was!

Second match against Arad was a slaughter--he just butchered me.

My third match against Julian was awesome

he was playing a rather quick deck and we matched up well with neither of us really having much by way of closers