Prerelease Plan--Khans of Tarkir

Got a very late start getting ready of this...Basically it is 5:02 AM Pacific Time & I am playing at DiceHouse at 12:00 Noon and I have looked at zero cards.

I want to play White / Black / Green -- but I do not know what that wedge is called [I don't even know the flavor, yet]--these are my notes for getting ready.

  1. Tweet the Pros--Chapin, LSV, Finkel, and Kibler for advice
  2. Image Gallery Review
  3. Tweet to Community--Wizards Magic, Wedge, & Magic the Amateuring podcast.
  4. Look at the Morph Flashcards

  5. Review the Channel Fireball PV’s Playhouse – Khans of Tarkir Prerelease Primer article
    a. Play three colors--CHECK
    b. Don't fear morph--CHECK
    c. There is lots of removal--CHECK
  6. Corrected spelling of Tarkir
  7. I think I want to play Abzan mostly because of Seige Rhino