CHOC October Infusion

As many of you know, Tuesday is doing Extra Life again this year. We choose this charity primarily because Jack goes there for infusions. Before the Benedryl knocks him unconscious Jack & I play Magic--this time we were using the Speed vs Cunning decks.

I was playing the Speed Deck, but was not able to capture the Spider-man on the corner dancing with a sign, who you can kind of see around the corner in this photo.

The hospital was super crowded this Friday & we could not get a wheel table & had to use this Bed Table crafted by the Boy Scouts of America

The nurse missed the poke and had to go Right Arm which turned out to work well, since Jack slept the entire time.

Our cards on the shelf in the room along with the Extra Life flyers I had printed out. 

 This visit was very tough--missed poke, different nurses, pharmacy forgot some meds, nurse rotations & breaks, little kids, kid in wagon, and screaming divorcing mom all lead to the stress--but Jack stayed cool and calm & we made it out clean!

I will not be sorry when this phase is over!