The Bake is Back! Summer has seen us miss a lot of sessions, but we appear to be getting back on track.

DM James was in fine form, as always

Cameron was in a great mood.

Brett's Elf Ranger did 210 in one round.

It was really good to see Eric--seems like he has not been available a few times lately.

I shared the couch with Andrew & David.

James has us well equied in the Epic Tier

as we move against Gnolls trying to bring this guy back

I am still taking a lot of notes

And putting it all up on Epic Words

at level 21 even iPlay4E does not help run your character--you have to start creating spreadsheets with conditional effect information.

Tracking initiative is a challenge with everything that is going on.

The MC Alternative radio station was the Bomb again last night--Ty Segal is my favorite thing that they are playing right now.

Falling from our Sky Boat a gnoll takes 14d6!

I was able to bamf a guy onto our ship who was promptly pushed off by David's character--he is playing two and I am not really sure exactly which one this was--the elf with boy is Vandale's Shooter who is ridiculous at this level--he has 5 hunters quarries and some power in which he can attack them all--just sick.

Griff and the ground crew--which included Cameron's Fiddenmar, Andrew's Bemin, Eric's Griff, & David's Warlord, I thin--just mowed stuff down!

KUBA the fourth incarnation of my Shardmind went toe to toe with the Angelic Soldier in an epic battle that I won with a round house to the face!

We had two crits which are sick, but with all the damage we are handing out not as spectacular as one would hope--we likely need to min/max around crits more again.