Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S8

On the drive down to Comic Quest there were these weird cars with GoPro's on them--no idea what they were for

Jack had homework so he was out, Brian was at a work thing, Andy & I hit Pei Wei where I ordered the Green Bean appetizer and a side of rice for under five bucks--best order yet!

John finished painting my Dark Sun guy--it looks awesome! Picture did not come out very well...

Garret did his first paint on this Dwarf which looks really good, I think.

Christie's nails continue in the Halloween theme

David, the sixth grade math genius got an iPhone 6 because he got straight A's....And Skittles...and a killer pencil...man, I want to grow up and be David!

John went with Fries, sweat and sour dipping sauce, a weird binder thing.

Camille is using one of the greatest mini's of all time! Needs to get some color on it, however!

We had a fun session of mostly combat. 

Players were vastly outnumbered--some failed to leap to safety

I had to DM Fiat their escape, but I think most of the players had a good time.

Except for Drew who got arrested for crashing his car into a parked car--for more on this watch the video.