Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S9

Another great week of D&D Encounters at Comic Quest--we had M&M's this week!

I was obsessed with the Felony Song this week, which no one at the table remembered

Also, my players purchased an Elephant (which I assume that most D&D Encounters did--I mean for 200 gold, why not!)

Which lead me to reflect on this horrible video of a man getting his head stuck in an elephants butt--which may be fake, you should not watch, but...

Comic Quest still has a lot of Magic Players every week, even after the Drew Event!

DM Nathan had a very full table again this week

I had Scott

Christie & David





And Garrett who I somehow failed to get on film.

I DM from the end and have plenty of space for my massive D20's

The players are crowded, but I think that they do have enough space.

Marc printed out these fantastic maps

Which really made things move smoothly--you will have to watch the video to understand why I was not covering anything up.

I am still using the Pathfinder iCrit & iFumble apps which are awesome!

No change in the nails today

And we had some great Crits

Really looking for next week--the Dungeon Crawl section of this is really fun to run.