Khans of Tarkir Game Day @ Comic Quest

Jack & I headed to Comic Quest for Khans of Tarkir Game Day.

We were an hour late--event started at 11:00 AM & we thought it was at Noon--but they had started 30 minutes late so we were able to drop in fairly easily.

My first game was against Jack. He took the Bye and I took the lose.

His deck is very good--Jeskai with some wild Mantis Riders and other threats. I am playing Abzan Kind of Lame because I do not have all of the pieces to make it good.

My second match was against Stephen who is playing Minotaur's. I was confident and had fun playing him--I missed my green drops & got run over, but it was fun.

Round three I played against FNM Superstar Drew who was playing some odd Combo deck that never really went off--it was a very good time.