KOT Trading

Walking into Tuesday my hope was high & things seemed fantastic. The boys are all showing up on time which is awesome--Preston has his groove back

Derek was not available this weekend, but did show up to Tuesday which is awesome.

The boys are crazy about Trading right now as they build out Khans of Tarkir Standard Decks.

I am not sure who video taped these shinanigans.

I started off with high hopes--but then I lost this close role:

And things were all down hill from there.

I lost a close 2-1 match against Alexander's Deck--he was too fast for my mid-range Abzan. Also, there was a rule question with my Drizzt--does he get a +1 if three creature with Life Link all attack or is damage only dealt once?

I ended the morning in a great match with Andrew that ended in a Draw.