Tuesday Extra Life Sign Up Day


My sister in law sent me this image of a women sitting on a bed--evidently, husband came home from work early, took this picture, and then divorced her based on something in the image. I do not see it...

Good turn out this week! I spent most of the time setting the kids up for Extra Life Fundraiser.

Jack, Preston, Dylan, & Evan are getting it done

Liam is playing like a rock star!

Alexander and Matt hard at work trading!

Jack in the zone--we drove to UCLA to see Dr Levinson after this so he was relaxed and having fun.

I made coffee in the Kurig

Tuesday has great mechanics.

Here is Leim demonstrating some dice magic

There was one rule controversy! And it was around me!

Preston cast Stormbreath Dragon with it's "protection from white"

I then cast Abzan Charm and exile it:

not realizing that the one white mattered...or cheating..either way, what should be the penalty for my miss play?