1st Annual Golden State Gaming Expo @ Comic Quest

Ignoring the fact that you cannot have a First Annual Event, this Game Day at Comic Quest was a blast! 

Kelly did a super great job setting it up, it was well attended, and there were a lot of smiles.

I got there around 5:00 PM, could not figure out how to make Pano work on my iPhone, and did not win anything in the raffle.

Inside there were a bunch of tables playing super cool games--lots of Indie stuff was being played which was really nice to see!

I set up outside under the tarps--only in Southern California can we play outside, at night, in November!

I ran the Defiance of Phlan adventures which are fantastic to run in these kinds of "Quick Con" situations--easy to bounce players in, action is fast, and the rules are not that important.

I had about 8 players throughout the night & I think everyone had a pretty good time!

I only had one Crit & the table DEMANDED we use the Pathfinder iCrit iPhone App, which may be my RPG Product of the Year!