Numenera Cypher Chest

I am gearing up to run some Numenera, so I bought the  Cypher Chest with my Bing Amazon gift cards.

Cody was very interested in this & he and his Turkey wanted to do an unboxing video!

He spends a lot of time watching Pokemon video's including a lot of unboxings and had a lot of ideas on how to make the perfect unboxing video

Of course, most of his ideas were around Joltek, his new favorite Pokemon

and his amazing hand made Turkey

so he did not really cover what was in the box.

And what was in the box was Amazing! 

the Creature cards are beautiful--kind of creepy for a six year old, but will be fantastic with my 13 year old sons table

The Cypher Deck is awesome--really looking to using this--should really speed up game play.

Here is a look at our video set up.

And another shot of Cody's amazing Turkey!