Defiance in Phlan

D&D During Break! 

Is there anything better? Yes, I am comparing this to Christmas!

The Christmas decorations were still up when the bikes starting lining up outside our house for some Winter Break D&D--I am not sure if there is anything better in the entire world.

I was using Spotify to play some appropriate D&D Music; in this case, the amazing soundtrack to the Battle of Five Armies which is simply incredible.

Lisa had put out a ton of snacks.

And the boys brought over some treats as well

And the table was set

We had some celebration balls for the boys to open.

And I had a camera ready to record the proceedings--which are available on youtube.

Behind the screen I had a ton of room

Cody had found some necklaces in the garage which he wanted to give to the best player!

Opening the Celebration Balls was very exciting

the kids really loved the surprise of the activity & the mess that it made.

Once that was complete we started the game

We used the Trinket table to give the characters some starting items--I used these pretty well throughout the adventure

Dylan attached the Celebration Ball token to his forehead for extra awesome.

Alexander drew this amazing Zhentarim Faction Logo

I was running from this amazing notebook that my mom gave me--it is from Obereon Studios

The game moved very quickly & the kids were may more focused than the last few times that we played.

I had selected mini for all five of the mini-adventures, but in four and a half hoursI was only able to run three--we did spend one hour on set up.

there were a ton of crits during this game & only one fumble.

and yes, we know this is a counter!