Fates Reforged Prerelease

Tuesday headed over to Dice House for some Fates Reforged Sealed during the Prerelease event

The shop was well prepared for the event--lots of people, lots of excitement, it was a great Saturday!

I had the camera & recorded my four rounds.

Alexander ended up placing Second over all which was a huge win for Tuesday--the first time one of the boys had done this well!

Brian was very pumped

I got to play him the first round--of course, I beat him [because he is horrible at Magic], but during round three he had a great match with Seth

They tied the first two & then had a real drawn out long match

It all came down to turns....

My cards were not that good--I ended up going 2-2 with fairly lame Red/Black deck.

Liem did not do that well--but he really seemed to have a very good time.

When turns were over--I tried my luck against Liem--his three color deck did not work all that well, but we did have some fun matches.

Dylan also did not win a lot of games, but seemed to have a very good time. Jack also went 3-1.

Overall, I think that the boys are really improving in their play--two of the other players came up and thanked me for having such well behaved kids.

Even if they are still working on their Game Faces!