First Tuesday of 2015

 First Tuesday of 2015 & the snacks are out!

Lisa has even put out water this time! 

I am still running my Abzan super quality deck & loving my setup!

Jack is on fire with all Garruk all of the time!

The table looked great with Andrew, Alexander, Derrick,  Matt, Preston, & Jack

And the Holiday decorations are still up!

We played mostly 2 Headed Giant again this morning--rotating the team around so there was no obvious best team.

We had one rules question.

Matt taped three, Voyaging Satyr'd 

to untap one land & cast Siege Rhino

Jack cast Magma Jet 

targeting the Voyaging Satyr BEFORE he untapped a land.

The question is can Jack respond to the Tap of Voyaging Satyr by killing it? 

We ruled that he could.

Additionally, We assumed that the previously tapped mana floated & Matt did not have what it takes to cast Siege Rhino--he still had three floating.