Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S13

Comic Quest was packed again this week--we have a fantastic crew of players right now. Super stoked to be able to DM at this shop.

Brendan was new & playing for his first time--he had a well tabbed PHB that I friend had helped him with & he was playing a fantastic Ranger build. It was great to get to know him.

Nathan is running some awesome Portal Magic Puzzle session--totally off book! It is nice to see Organized Play supporting more DM Freedom this season.

The table was fairly crowded--I ran the combat without mini's because there was no where to set out the mat--this edition supports free wheeling play very well.

The other table was also running a largely minitureless session which is good to see!

Jack has very ugly dice.

I had a very good cup of coffee--which was nice to see

We fought some Hobgoblins--the art in the Monster Manual for these guys is amazing! I had not really read up on them before the session so I ran them as basically orcs, but it looked like the book had a lot of good information on them and their background--I plan to go back and read that stuff.

Also, Chelsea built me this amazing dice bag because I had supported her in the Linen contest she did a while back--I love this thing! Note that the beads or whatever on the tie's have DM letters--so rad!