Last Infusion

A lot of the ExtraLife & Magic community has been tracking Jack's progress through infusions at CHOC. This may have been our infusion! Depending on how things go during the next round of testing, this may be the last time we see that loaner Spider-Man!

One of our favorite places at CHOC is the Abandoned Patio Break Room. I do not think that any employee has ever stood on this patio!

This week Jack fell asleep very quickly thanks to the oral benadryl.

We did get to spend some time in the infusionarium, but they could not get the play-stations working this week, so we were not able to play our final game of Transworld Surfing--one of the worst video games ever created!

I will not miss sitting and watching Jack, but I will miss all of the Angels that we meet while receiving treatment. 

It was a life changing experience.