Pancake Breakfast

Bikes are in the bushes

Back Packs are piled on the landing

Muffins are out

And Tuesday is getting ready for some Magic!

Jack, who was skipping school to go to Disneyland, was in a great mood.

Preston was ready to go bright and early

My work station was well appointed!

We had the entire Tuesday team in attendance today which has been rare this year: Preston, Jack, Derek, Alexander:

Evan, Matt, Dylan, and Andrew

I played two matches against Preston whose deck needed some tuning--he ramped up quickly, but could not close.

Matt ripped his deck apart & tried to clean up his mana--which was mostly the problem--he had to many fixers...

We had two questions--the first one I do not really understand what the issue is...

Preston asked "Would you consider mana as land"? He was playing Mana Confluence 

But I am not sure what he was trying to do.

The next question, is yet another in the series of "what does protection mean" questions!

Andrew plays Storm Breath Dragon [again, and obviously] and swings

Matt has Mantis Rider out and wants to block

But he cannot even block because of the SBD's protection.