Round Table 51 - D&D Encounters Wrap-Up

I seriously love this podcast. The topic this week was the state of D&D Encounters which is obviously something very close to my heart!

The guests were Topher Kohan, Joe Lastowski, and Mike Loewnau who were awesome--even if only one of them correctly answered the opening question--"what is your favorite Faction"?

As always, James does a great job of thanking everyone for volunteering their time & supporting the hobby. His conversation is laid back  and things move along smoothly with a lot of agreement & audio head bobbing. A good listen.

D&D Encounters is very messy at a lot of shops these days due to a lack of direction, a failure to communicate the plan, and a general lack of focus. Players are leaving tables mad, stores are not prepared, DMs are not sure what to run. The added complexity of the Adventure League is not helping--my current thought is that, like project Morning Star, the Adventure League should be shut down or renamed "D&D Expeditions", This would end confusion and D&D Encounters could go back to being what it was designed to be--weekly introduction to D&D run in shops.

Of course, that is just my opinion & the guys on this cast have different opinions and experiences which they share in a wonderfullly positive way.