Jack & I drove to LA for ORCCON--the February Strategcon convention.

As always, I had brought my Tube of Dice:

Jack purchased these horrible neon monstrosities in the dealer room.

Our first game was this Greyhawk Reborn D&D Game

It was a battle interactive in which we had to raise an army of irregular soldiers & the stop an invading distraction force.

The table was packed with 11 players--but the DM's were awesome and really kept things moving along quickly.

Jack opened the session with back to back crit's with his new dice--an amazing feat by any standard!

The session had some really good hand outs.

And the map was an amazing complicated battle complex--totally fun.

After D&D we played some Bar Nuclear War and then Artimes two times. We ended the day with his crazy board game I cannot remember the name of--it was a fun if slightly unfocused CON.