Planning Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S18

Rodney Thompson wrote a great article on how to prepare to run a D&D Session. I thought I would use his ideas to prepare for this weeks D&D Encounters.

When I started this, I thought it would be a fun little exercise, but it turned into a very disappointing reflection on what a bad job I have been doing DM'ing this season--not enough prep time, too many missed sessions, season was too long, etc.

I look foreword to being a player next season.

Main Adventure

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Final Chapter. The Cloud Castle. Lots of Boss's and fighting--some exploration. Key is to thwart the delivery of the gold--maybe capture the castle. They need to get to the Dragon before next week.


The Vampire is old school Cult of the Dragon and likes dragolich's and stuff. The Giant are all about restoring the past even if that includes working with Draconic enemies--they treat dwarves as slaves. He misses his wife, alludes to her still directing his life, and is odd. Rezmir will escape when confronted. The Red Thay guys need to have a lot of books and be up to total no good--they are very very evil. Four Factions [Cult of Dragon, Old Cult of Dragon, Red Wizards, and Giant] should be more than enough for this week.

Character Story Arc

The dwarf cleric is confused. The wizards are cocky. The fighters are overly confident. The wyverns are awesome transport. I need to get the guilds more involved--Harpers are trying to steal the treasure--Robin Hooding it from the Lords Alliance, basically. Emerald Enclave needs the books that the Red Wizards have. The Factions need to get more involved this week--which faction will win the gold is the theme I need to start developing this week...

World Texture

More magic. More Mayhem. More of Elminster's realms.

NPC Texture

Giant. Rezmir. Vampire. X the White [he is a Harper]. Red Wizards.

Random Encounter

None--way to much going on already.


Last week The Party got on the Cloud Castle in search for the Treasure being moved north by the Dragon Cult. Where is it going? Why a Giant? What is going on?