Atarka--Dragons of Tarkir

Dragonlord Atarka has an insatiable appetite. Her clan's skilled hunters provided her with food, thus preventing the dragonlord from feeding on her servants. The Atarka's symbol is the claw of the dragon, representing the clan's savagery.

Above all, the savage Atarka clan values pure, unadulterated strength. Make use of the formidable mechanic to get bonuses when the combined power of your creatures is 8 or greater. This mechanic works in tandem with spells from the Fate Reforged set that have the ferocious ability, which rewards you for controlling at least one creature with power 4 or greater. Bottom line? Bigger is better!

An Atarka deck's creature are the strongest of all the clans', so put them to good use in your deck. Look for heavy-hitting creatures at every mana cost so you can dominate in combat in all stages of the game.

Your desk must have at least 40 cards, and it's advisable to stay as close to that minimum as possible. You'll want about 17 lands and 23 other cards, including 14-20 creatures. You'll generally want to choose your clan's two colors to be your focus, perhaps "splashing" a few cards of a third color if they're particularly powerful.