Ojutai--Dragons of Tarkir

Dragonlord Ojutai is known as the Great Teacher to his clan of martial artists, mystics, and wandering warriors. The clan believes that Ojutai and his brood are the wisest living sages, and that the ultimate honor is to "ascend" on death and be reincarnated as one of these skywise. The clan values cunning, and is represented by the dragon's eye, which signifies awareness and the pursuit of wisdom.

Those who follow Ojutai pride themselves on their cunning. Use the rebound mechanic to cast instants and sorceries twice, making them doubly dangerous. And couple rebound spells with creatures from the Fate Reforged set that have the prowess ability to get twice and added benefit during combat.

When building an Ojutai deck, aim for a balance of creatures, instants, and sorceries to outmaneuver your opponents on all fronts. The path to victory is paved with crafty combat tricks, especially those that can disrupt your opponents' plans and open up room for deadly attacks.

Your deck must have at least 40 cards, and it's advisable to stay as close to that minimum as possible. You'll want about 17 lands and 23 other cards, including 14-20 creatures. You'll generally want to choose your clan's two colors to be your focus, perhaps "splashing" a few cards of a third color if they're particularly powerful.