Dragons of Tarkir Preparing for Pre Release

So, likely unrelated, I started with the Monica  TED talk which totally rules.I only have thirty minutes before I need to leave for the Dice House in Fullerton where I will be joining 28 other spell slingers for the current prerelease--I have done absolutely no work.
1. Check the WotC pageso I am playing White this year & that gives me two choices Dromoka & Ojutai-- I am not that interested in either Endurance and I have no capacity for Cunning--this is not good.
2. Review some Top Five listsDromoka Dunecaster is solid

And a return to Pacifism are both reasonable.

Anafenza is solid & Myth Realized is completely awesome--white is not looking that bad at this point.

I am starting to realize how little I know about the current cards.

3. Check LSV
Ojutai is solid--very fun looking card.

Reviewing the rest of white I see $25 worth of fun!