Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease at Dice House

Tuesday headed to the Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease at the Dice House!

The team paid extremely close attention while Tuan reviewed the rules...

Brian had spent no time in preparation and was struggling with his initial selection. He did have a fantastic water bottle with the worlds greatest top.

But he ended up going 5-0 and winning the event--beating out Will in the finals--Tuesday had an amazing showing!

Jack and Andrew were ready to roll.

Tuesday traveled 7 players & the boys were very ready.

Will was very focused & really knew the cards this time out.

Seth was very helpful during the initial construction phases.

I built a white deck splashing a little green for tricks--ended up 2-3 overall which is about what I should have done--towards the end I was just swinging for the fences.

Also, I got this great die:

Jack went four and one which is awesome.

The highlight was a game against one of the kids who called a judge in a prerelease because Jack had accidentally morphed a creature.  Jack took the game loss with a smile & then came back to win the match. 

No Tilt, all Windmill!

I think if someone calls a judge during a prerelease event, the should take a game loss!

The boxes were again totally awesome for this event.

There was this wild Game Within A Game which Jack also did very well at:

he got two tries

Here are the rules:

And the leader board

I videoed my matches and should have them up on YouTube soon.

The shop was not as crazy crowded this prerelease event--same number of players, but just not as hot & I think the shop has once again been reorganized to optimize play comfort. Dice House really is the best.

My rolling was even worse then normal.

Brian won the event