Dromoka--Dragons of Tarkir

Dragonlord Dromoka leads a clan of honorable desert warriors who proudly don armor made of scales shed by the dragons they revere. Dromoka encourages her followers to trust in each other as well as in the dragon scalelords who fight alongside them in battle. The Dromoka's symbol is the scale of the dragon, representing the clan's ability to endure anything.

Those in the Dromoka clan work together to endure and conquer. Use the bolster mechanic to put +1/+1 counters on your creatures with the least toughness, thus ensuring your army will never have a week link. Look for cards with this ability in both the Dragons of Tarkir set and the Fate Reforged set.

A Dromoka deck's success depends on having a strong board presence with lots of big creatures in the late game; thus it's important to include some defensive cards to help you through the early turns. When you've attained a critical mass of large creatures, you'll be able to overwhelm your opponent with devastating attacks.

Your deck must have at least 40 cards, and it's advisable to stay as close to that minimum as possible. You'll want about 17 lands and 23 other cards, including 14-20 creatures. You'll generally want to choose your clan's two colors to be your focus, perhaps "splashing" a few cards of a third color if they're particularly powerful.