Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S2

Another week of D&D Encounters at Comic Quest. This week, because of truck issues, Andy & I carpooled down with Brian & I shot this time lapse photography of the trip mostly to make East Coast Gamers jealous.

This week was First Week of Season 20 of D&D Encounters! We are playing Princes of the Apocolypse which is part of the Elemental Evil story line.

Energy at the shop is off the charts! People are totally stoked to be there:

And there are lots of people showing up--this session has ~5 tables running [two are outside! welcome to CA]. Two tables of Princes of the Apocalypse, Two tables of Rise of Tiamet, and one table of Adventure League--this week they ran the Defiance in Phlan.

Inside, Jack was in strong form with his Svirfneblin Bard

Chase had a Elf Ranger

Rockhide & Chalula were also at our table & were completely awesome

Greg had a Half-Orc BARDaraian--it was a barbarian with an entertainer background that he tried to pass off as a Bard.

I had a Svirfneblin Sage--Brian is playing at Spencer's Rise of Tiamet table.

The shop was packed!

Jack continues to use the worlds ugliest dice--and a very hideous mini as well

Chase has an amazing dice rolling box--of course, he Storked his Survivor roll off against Greg!

Jack and I had a great Japanese Tourist trip and enjoyed the ride home in Chase's car