Kolaghan--Dragons of Tarkir

Dragonlord Kolaghan commands a clan of reckless and brutal warriors. Her followers hurl themselves into combat regardless of the odds. Many clan warriors wear special harnesses that redirect the dragon' lightning breath into a fearsome attack. The Kolaghan's symbol is the dragon's wing, as the clan values speed above all else.

 Kolaghan and her clan are swift and unpredictable. Use the dash mechanic to ambush your opponents and then return your creatures to your hand to protect them. You'll find the dash ability on creatures in both the Dragons of Tarkir set and the Fate Reforged set, so you'll have plenty of creatures to send charging into battle.

Most Kolaghan decks are quick on the attack but have few defenses, so try to achieve victory before your opponents have a chance to get their footing. Look for low-cost removal spells to clear the way for your aggressive and persistent attackers.

Your deck must have at least 40 cards, and it is advisable to stay as close to that minimum as possible. You'll want about 17 lands, and 23 other cards, including 14-20 creatures. You'll generally want to choose your clan's two colors to be your focus, perhaps splashing a few cards of a third color if they're particularly powerful.