Silumgar--Dragons of Tarkir

Dragonlord Silumgar bestows wealth and power upon his subjects--but only a select few. The Silumgar vie for their dragonlord's favor by proffering lavish gifts and making sacrifices, sometimes even sacrificing other in the clan. Ruthless beyond measure, the Silumgar use the dragon's fang as their clan symbol.

The Silumgar are as ruthless as their dragonlord. Use the exploit mechanic to sacrifice your own creatures for greater gain. Some creatures give you an added benefit when they die, making them ideal sacrificial offerings. As a bonus, creatures (and other cards) festering in your graveyard can be put to yet another use as fodder for spells with the delve ability from the Fate Reforged set.

Silumgar decks are typically slower and more controlling. You'll often strive to trade your resources for your opponent's over the course of the game, and then, when the time is right, seize the advantage with powerful spells or large, evasive creatures.

Your deck must have at least 40 cards, and it's advisable to stay as close to that minimum as possible. You'll want about 17 lands and 23 other cards, including 14-20 creatures. You'll generally want to choose your clan's two colors to be your focus, perhaps "splashing" a few cards of a third color if they'r particularly powerful.