Three Headed Tuesday Dragon

Another Tuesday & the muffins are out!

Jack & I are currently vegan, which obviously explains our advanced play, but also prevents us from enjoying muffins--so we went Hash Browns!

Cooked in Peanut Oil!

I had my deck ready

And so did Matt

Who is playing like a complete baller these days--definitely the most improved player at Tuesday

Andrew is playing giant monsters. Still. But he does have Rush Tickets for July, so he is stoked!

Preston is playing some amazingly complicated deck

Jack is playing red & having fun for the first time in a while--even if he cannot beat me!

Derek's Sultai deck has really come together

We played Two Headed Giant with three players--kind of silly, but more fun then repeating the same matches we played last week--our meta has not changed since pre-release!

I was able to control Andrew's early game, which allowed Derek and Preston to come over the top for the end game & we won easily.

The muffins were destroyed as well!