Consequences of Stealing a D20

I used to have this fantastic D20

Until a bitter Magic player named Brian Stole it

To help with my grief I bought a great coffee cup

From Starbucks

It has a fantastic lid

And great dots 

It is not as great as my D20, but it is nice...Not as nice as playing D&D with my son Jack! ELBOWS STRAIGHT!

As you can see, Brian's D&D Table is not having nearly as much fun as our D&D Table!

See--ELBOWS STRAIGHT! Lots of Joy!

Camille is rocking some old school stolen office supply style D&D--note the massively multi color post it notes on the DM Screen above as well...

And, it is important to note, that Brian continued to not have fun--the curse of the D20 Thief


We are using D&D Rules from this amazing book.

People are rolling Crits