Chasing Birds, Alarums, & DM Planning on a Perfect Wednesday.

I started the day with some Home School Homework.

And then Cody & I headed over to the DM Lunch

Cody ran around trying to take pictures of birds--a very difficult task.

He captured this one just before take off! 

the Princes of the Apocolypse Elemental Evil book is out--mostly an adventure book--which I may not purchase--the second release in a row from WotC that I have not paid for--I did not get Rise of Tiamet either.

I do not know what the word Alarums and Excursions means. D&D is still teaching me new words! So cool to be exposed to military terms that I would not find anywhere else in my world.

We had four of the six DM's show up. They are doing an amazing job working together as a team, sharing ideas and everything--it is the best I have ever seen. Nathan, the SO, is also doing a great job of table management.

Currently, at Comic Quest, I am seeing some amazingly great D&D Organized play.