Another fantastic Podcast featuring Shelly & Bart!

This one focused on something I am actually very interested in, so I may have loved it more than normal. 

Chris Tulach and Chris Lindsay are awesome guests who not only provide a ton of great content & insight into the Adventure League, highlighting several of the upcoming changes, and are just generally awesome representatives of D&D.

The name of Demogorgon's heads (Aameul  & Hethradiah) is discussed--but they do not resolve the eternal conflict of which is which in the below picture.

The Location of Tiamet's brains is reviewed--I had never actually thought about this--I had always assumed that each head operated kind of independently based on its nature & that she was the collection of those actions...but a central mind does make a lot more sense...I will work on this one...

There are some great quotes--Shelly's "don't speak for me" is hilarious, but I think defining PC as Plot Corrupter is absolute gold.

I strongly recommend that you listen to this one.