Round Table 64 - Elemental Evil in Organized Play

Yet another fantastic episode of Round Table from the Tome Show network.

This episode starts off with the ice breaking question--"what is the most evil element"? Honda gets a vote, but Air wins even with Mike reminding us that ice is its own element!

The discussion focus on three main areas in 44 entertaining minutes:
     1. End of Hoard of the Dragon Queen
     2. Organized play updates, writing for organized play, etc.
     3. How things are going with Princes of the Apocalypse

The conversation could go a lot longer, there is a ton of very useful information.

As always, James is fantastic--upbeat fast paced--just a great host.

It is always good to hear from Mike Shea, Topher, and Joe as well--if you are involved in the Adventure League &/or DM'ing this season of Encounters, I strongly recommend you give this a listen.