Tomb Raider Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S5

Encounters started off great this week with a new coffee cup!

Then Chase cam by with a bunch of treasure from the island paradise known as Hawaii! 

We headed down to Pei Wei--which was awesome even with their new poorly modified menu. And then to the Grocery Store to score some left over Easter Candy for half off!

At the Shop, Camille was already there & ready to run his first session!

Brendan was back and ready to play some kind of Genasi Fighter, I think.

Chase, after having his elven ranger voted off the island was back with an Amazing Character Concept--this completely awesome chaos wizard who saw strings on everything...balls to the wall greatness!

Everyone's favorite Goliath Fighter was ready to rock.

The table size was back up to crazy again this week--with like 8 people on our table--the shop continues to get more and more crowded! And of course, I still have no idea how to use Pano on my iPhone!

I still felt like I had plenty of space at the table

Even with all of the amazing snacks we had!

Camille did a great job behind the screen.

The rolling was good this week with multiple crits--I scored two on skill checks--but the role play was what really made this weeks session stand out--likely the best week so far for me!