Wynmeth is voted off the Island! Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S4

 Another great week of D&D Encounters at Comic Quest started with Chase taunting us from Hawaii

Luckily we had something with which to whip our tears from our eyes

Then I tried to take a Pano photo inside the room

which I always seem to have a hard time getting started

and seems to stop and just take a regular picture cause I am doing something wrong

and then when I get it does not really look as awesome as I had hoped.

Our table did look fantastic

I had some great Gamescience dice to make up for the recently stolen D20

Here are the theives dice--not the high number of unmatching D6's--which is likely the sign of a deeper problem...is there a specific word for Dice Kleptomania

In any event, the other players all have these awesome Dice towers, so I made one from a Pringles container

I tore the bottom off of another tube to make an angled plane that would kick the die out

It worked great

Jack and then tried to design a logo for the Bull Rushers. Here is his design--which is pretty great

My design is Bull Horns on Getty Lee, which I think is a winning combination even if I did not capture it very well

The adventure was fantastic--with Six Very different PCs and players.

Our Trojan Horse wagon adventure to capture the bandits worked very well

but in the end, my PC--the great Deep Gnome Bard Sage Wynmeth was voted off the island Survivor Style...Great fun.